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Ergonomic Inflatable Neck Pillow for Long Trip

Sleeping on the plane for long hours can spend the energy. No doubt that people say they spend more than half of the energy during the trip. It is not comfortable at all especially if you are going for a holiday. Comfortable sit sometimes is not enough to support your sleeping. People prefer to use the travel neck pillow to sleep. However, although there are neck pillows you can find on the market, many of them do not help at all. The ordinary neck pillow tends to lean towards certain direction when you sleep. In the end, you feel more tired, and your muscles ache when you get up.
The inflatable neck pillow is better because it is made from the soft material and well-designed. I recommend you to purchase this rather than common neck pillow. Here are the reasons why you should purchase them.


Sometimes the things we should bring are unexpectedly heavy and so many. It would be more burdening if you have to put your neck pillow in the bag. But relax, that burden will only happen in the regular neck pillow. In contrast, the inflatable pillow does not overwhelm you at all. The inflated neck pillow only is a weight for 200g. It has lightweight not only because the air is filling. Instead, you can inflate it only when you are going to use it. When it is not needed, you can fold it and insert into the pouch. With this way, it even fits in your handbag.

Comfortable design

Many neck pillows tend to flatten over time. It causes your neck is a pain when your head is swinging around or falls forward and backward. The humps on inflated neck pillow support your head from excessive leaning, so your head is kept in the stable position. This invention is excellent, especially for children and olders. This inflated neck pillow is compatible with any size of the head because you can control the air that enters the pillow. Furthermore, despite the microbead fillings, the air is better used because it does not cause sore to your skin. The air filling is also well supported by the cover of soft velvet material. During the long trip, your neck will not be sweaty even if you use it for hours. Just imagine by yourself the smooth and refreshing feeling when interacts to your skin.

Easy maintenance

You may wonder, how to clean the fabric without breaking or ripping it. Another feature that makes it so satisfying is the washable cover. After multiple and long time use, the color sometimes is faded and not clear as before. You can do the simple cleaning by remove and wash the cover.

Strong and elastic

Inflatable travel neck pillow is quickly inflated and deflated. It is because the PVC material that is very elastic. The sturdy design and material also make the inflated neck pillow is not easily leaked. Hence, the durability of this neck pillow fits properly for the long time use.
Inflatable travel neck pillow is the solution for proper sleeping postures. This neck pillow can keep your cervical and lumbar spine in the correct position. People often feel the sore around the neck and often the headache because the incorrect spine and neck muscle positions. It will go worse for the old.
Bring it along your journey is very handy. You can put it into your bag or even hang it on your bag. Nothing is simpler than the inflatable neck pillow. The simplicity and portability are also one of the main reasons of why this product is very satisfying.





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The unique camel-back-shape fits the nape of your neck perfectly and effectively supports your head from behind, not holding up your jaws like a cervical collar. You can relax and still look sharp. Wake up fully rested, not on a stranger's shoulder.

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