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Losing the energy during the journey is the everyone’s common experience. Most of the people experience this even when they feel already have an enough sleep. It is not the sleep hours to blame but your sleep postures were going wrong every time during the journey. The effect of bad sleeping positions is the excessive tiredness, muscle pain, and of course bad quality of sleeping. These will happen in any kinds of transportation if you have bad postures in sleeping. Thankfully, there is travel neck pillow offered in the market. Their materials and designs are varied of course. However, the most comfortable and handy travel neck pillow for so far is the purefly inflatable travel neck pillow. There are several reasons why most people demand this.

Design and structure

The design for this travel neck pillow is different than any others in the market. For the back of your neck, it has inflated pocket that will prevent you from the wrong posture. It is nice that you can control the height depends on where you sit. The material selection which made from soft velvet is very comfortable, especially for children. This material is also easy to be cleaned because you just need to run it under the water. Washing it in the machine will only break the material.  will not fill up your bag because you just need to fold it into the pouch. People often find that carrying neck pillow is not compact at all. They need to hang it around the neck or just bring it casually. Ordinary neck pillow also spends big space in the luggage. With the new invention of a purely inflated neck pillow, you just need to blow it when you need. You would fall for this neck pillow because all the design details are made for the sleep comfort. The attached button will keep the travel neck pillow stays in the position.

Controllable inflation and deflation

The supportive inflated pads on both sides can keep your head in a good position, even if your head swings from one direction to another. The excessive leaning to one side is the common bad posture in the journey. It often causes neck pain, so the higher pads will give you a sensation like leaning on the bed pillow. At first, you may find it a bit hard to inflate the pillow. But at the second try, you will do it casually. The air is practically easy to be let out or in. It is very advantageous because people come with different size and head construction. For the different transportation method, it can be fitted well regards to the chair.





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