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One of the most frustrating thing when you are traveling a long trip is that you cannot take a nap.

You switch every possible position to find a sweet spot for your neck but it is not possible. So you end up with neck pain, tired and in bad mood. The solution to that is a travel pillow and it can definitely make the difference between a good and an awful trip.Before you are going to have the plan the travel pillow, you should know what it is. Actually, travel pillow is a pillow that can be used by you in having the journey. Commonly, the best time you use this pillow is when you are riding the airplane. However, you can also use this pillow when you have the journey by using the bus, car, or train. Well, this travel pillow really can make your journey more comfortable if you use this. The position of our sitting will be in the right and comfortable position.

There are many kinds of the travel pillows you can choose. Then, the price of this pillow is in the variation. There are some pillows that are expensive, and then there are also some pillows that are in a cheap price. You can suit it with your budget in buying the travel pillow for you.

So either traveling with bus,plane, train or car you need something comfortable to rest your head. We have tried some of the best travel pillows in the market and this is our verdict. If you need to find the best airplane pillow check our !

How to find the Best Travel Pillow

With all the variety of designs and products in the market of course it is confusing when you buying for the best travel pillow.Travel pillows come with a large variety of shapes and they can protect your neck or your back.

There are many variations of the shapes you can choose. In deciding the shapes of the travel pillow, you should be careful because it will affect your comfort in having the traveling using some transportation. The first shape of the travel pillow you can choose is U-shaped. It is the comfortable shape because you can use it by going around your neck. Then, there is the J pillow. This shape is designed especially for the plane pillow. You can see this pillow when you have the travel by taking the airplane. The next one is you can choose the Cylinder shape. This shape can support your back and the neck. For that, you will be comfortable because you can use it for sitting or lying. Then, there is the unique shape. This is the travel rest pillows. This shape is designed to give the comfort for the travelers.

  • U-shapped Pillows. These type of pillows hold your neck in the right position, supporting your next and maintaining a proper posture while sitting. This is the most common type of travel pillows and they are doing great work. However sometimes your head can fall to the side and it means that it cannot support your back.
  • J-shapped Pillows. This is a new type that was introduced in 2012 and it was also announced as the Best British Invention. The difference with the U-shapped is that it also support you chin preventing your head from falling downwards or in the side.
  • Collar – Type Pillows. This type goes fully around you neck. It is a very good option if you are traveling in a sitting position.
  • TravelRest Pillows. These patented pillows are a bit different than all the others. With their unique shape on end goes on the back and the other on the chest of the traveler. This way you can rest both your head and neck without traumatizing your back.


Another important factor to take into account is the size. You need a small one so you can carry it easily but also big enough so it can support your neck. In order to solve this problem many manufacturers create inflatable travel pillows that can be filled with air. However this does not fully support your neck and also it is the risk of losing air.

Furthermore you have to keep in mind if you traveling with bus,car, airplane or train.

If you are using airplane pillow and you need to save some space on your luggage then the inflatable travel pillow is the best option.

Non-inflatableBetter neck support
Variety of designs
Takes more space
More weight
Easy to clean
Needs less space
Not the best support
You must first blow them up

Other Factors

Different pillows have different material that can play a role in your decision. Foam is the most commonly used material and it is one of the best material. It can also be memory foam so it “remembers” you neck posture. Beads can be another option however it can be very heavy and not so easy to use it.Also other material can be polyester, down or wool.

After you know the variations kind of theĀ  shape, you should know the kind of the materials you can choose. Looking at the material when you choose the pillow is very important because the material of the pillow will make you feeling comfortable and uncomfortable. Your skin may be sensitive with the certain material.

To get the comfort in having the traveling, you can choose to buy the one that is made of the foam. This is the comfortable material you can choose. Even, this is the popular material because many people choose this material as their choices. Another type of the materials you can choose is the pillow that is made of the beds. Commonly, this type has the good appearance. But, it is heavy so it is better to not choose it. If you want to have the comfortable pillow, but it is in a cheap price, you can choose the polyester material. This is the comfortable material. The benefit you get from this is this material is no allergenic. You can wash it easily. Then, the last material that is more comfortable than the polyester material is wool.

Last but not least there other factors like quality of the overall product and of course the price. We’re here to help. has done it’s research and is here to guide you to choose the best travel pillow!

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